Friday, January 06, 2006

He Makes Michael Vick Look Like a Good Guy...

Marcus Vick has been permanently kicked off the Hokies. He may be leaving after only a couple years, but Marcus has still had a pretty full career.

Sex with drunk, underage girls? Check.
Marijuana Possession? Check.
Suspended driver's license for reckless driving? Check.
Drive and speed with said suspended license? Check
Attempt to take out kneecap of defender on the field? Check.

Really, there was nothing left for him to accomplish in college anyway. What could he possibly do to top all of that, besides bring a firearm onto the field? It was probably best for both parties that he leave now before everyone just got bored.

Maybe now that he's free from Blacksburg, he can borrow some money from Ron Mexico, get together w/ Maurice Clarett and the two of them can open up an "all ages" night club. IDs will not be checked, but you will be asked to surrender any cell phones at the door.


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